Nissan’s electric cars take new direction

What do you think most people normally picture when someone says they drive an electric car? The popular view likely consists of something that seems like the only goal in its design was to get you from A to B without having to stop at C. Nissan appears to be on a mission to change this mentality with talk of taking their next line of electric vehicles down a different avenue. This future path for Nissan’s electric vehicles involves three different classes to choose from.


1. Super-compact affordable commuter

Nissan has yet to go into the serious details of the plans for this model but their global design chief Shiro Nakamura, has referred to it as “a cheap city commuter type unique EV”. We do know that Nissan has released prototypes similar to the description of this model like the radical Pivo3 concept from 2011, which has the driver seated in the middle of the cockpit. Nissan has also been experimenting with other two seat EV’s such as a fleet of Renault Twizys.


2. Continuation of the Nissan Leaf

Introduced to the world in 2010, the Leaf has a head start on teasing the masses with its affordability and impressive range for its size. The newest models claim to have a range of around 220 km’s in ideal conditions. Its small electric engine cranks out 107 hp with 187 lb-ft of torque, which is delivered to the front wheels instantly when you push down on the accelerator. A car such as this would be perfect for anyone who lives in a city-centre and doesn’t stray too far outside the city limits.

Nissan Leaf


3. Electric performance

Shiro Nakamura referred to this class as “the sportier, exciting part of EV’s”, guaranteeing to yield something we can all enjoy and appreciate. Nissan has shown off several prototypes that give us a good idea of the concept they’re going for but it is still uncertain which model they will carry forward with. Last year brought us a prototype known as the “BladeGlider concept”. This design concept is definitely eye-catching as it was designed after several Le Mans racers but it’s suspected to have issues with global safety testing because of its narrow front track. In 2011, we saw the sexy prototype for the “ESFlow” when it was unveiled at the Geneva Motor show.  This is the more likely choice for Nissan’s high performance electric dreams. Lets hope they make this dream a reality.


The future is green

With automakers like Nissan looking to up the stakes when it comes to the electric car, the future will only get greener with the release of more all-electric zero emission vehicles. This evolution towards redesigning what we are capable of doing on four wheels is only going to get more impressive. New technologies can offer us a further range and increased power in electric vehicles, making these green vehicles a viable option for more and more people every year.


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