Audi Q8 e-tron goes up against Tesla’s Model X

German automaker Audi has Tesla Motors in their sights as they gear up to release the new Audi Q8 e-tron all electric crossover. With Tesla launching its new Model X crossover in 2015, it seems only fair that it has proper competition. Both all electric crossover vehicles have sleek lines and luxury features but Audi will hit Tesla where it hurts the most, distance on a single battery charge.


The “Tesla-Fighter”

The new Q8 e-tron (nicknamed the “Tesla-fighter” at Audi) will be a model option of the upcoming Q8 and will be built on the Q7 platform. The styling is to be more inspired by the Audi A6 Avant rather than SUV. Audi wants to keep it light and sleek to meet the range they have quoted, an impressive 430 miles per charge. Audi engineers have said they will realistically be aiming for about 370 miles per charge, which is still more than the reported 300 miles for the Tesla Model X.

A low stance and aluminum frame will keep the weight down but it’s the new power-dense battery research being done by Audi that will make the biggest difference in this vehicle. Even though the Q8 will reportedly have the ability to seat seven, its performance will be similar to the powerful Audi A8.


Price Check

The one place where Tesla is sure to win this battle will be on the price tag. Tesla’s new Model X will be somewhere between $60,000-$80,000 and for the new Q8 e-tron we have only been told “under $130,000”, which doesn’t give a lot of hope for it to be under six figures.

The world of crossover SUV’s will be changing in years to come with the advancement and increased demand of hybrid and all electric options. The new war of the crossover will no longer be won with good looks and fancy doodads, it will be battery longevity and sustainability that will grab the top spot.


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