Scion FR-S Named “Best Sports Car for the Money”

scion fr-s

US News & World Report has named the Scion FR-S the “Best Sports Car for the Money” for the second consecutive year. The FR-S has been able to hold this title with its lightweight construction and attractive low stance, not to mention how much fun it is to drive considering it costs under $30,000.


Born in Japan

The Scion FR-S is what would happen if Toyota and Subaru had a child. The FR-S can clearly trace its roots back to the Toyota 2000GT from the late 1960’s which is regarded as the first highly collectable Japanese sports car among serious collectors. The cars power comes from a 2.0L Subaru boxer engine that delivers 200hp @ 7,000rpm and 151lb-ft @ 6,600rpm. As the numbers show, it is a very high revving engine and must be driven accordingly to really get the most out of all this car has to offer.

The interior trim of the FR-S is simple yet bold with the two main features being the racing seats and the performance steering wheel. Though it doesn’t look that bad, the dash configuration and design does somewhat resemble that of a Subaru from the late 90’s. The exterior is a different story with its super sporty lines and hot rims that make it look like a car worth twice its value.


Hot Topics

One of the main complaints about this vehicle is at 200hp, how can it be called a sports car? Any numbers of measurement are thrown out the window when driving this vehicle as it takes a corner with ease then exits with RWD thrust. The other popular complaint is about some of the interior components but you can’t expect it to be all leather and wood-grain in a car of this price range. It seems that Scion has used the bulk of their budget for this car on things targeted towards performance and enhancing the drivability of the vehicle.


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