Use Solar Panels on Your Garage to Recharge Your Electric Car

solar panels on your garage

Charge Your Electric Car with Solar Panels on Your Garage

Sales of electric and hybrid cars are rising quickly in the UK, with over 1,000 new vehicles registered in the third quarter of 2013. People are switching to using electric cars because they are the environmentally friendly option, and less polluting than diesel or petrol cars. There are also many other incentives such as low levels of car tax, and being exempt from congestion charges. Up until recently the problem for many electric car owners has been finding somewhere to charge up their car during the working day or at night, and even though many towns and cities are introducing charging points, these are still few and far between.

Electric car technology is developing constantly, and one of the new branches of research is looking into converting power generated from your solar panels into power to charge the batteries of your electric vehicle.

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