5 of the best hybrid cars on the market

The tides are changing within the motoring world. With manufacturers becoming ever more conscious of environmental issues, and governments imposing ever stricter emissions regulations on these manufacturers, hybrid and electric cars are becoming more and more prominent on the global market.

Rather sadly, hybrid cars have never really been viewed by petrol-heads as something to get excited about, mainly because they were often incredibly expensive, and not very performance orientated at all. Think about something along the lines of the original Toyota Prius.

Since then, however, technology available to car makers has advanced rapidly. As a result of this, the world has recently been exposed to a torrent of really very exciting new developments within the hybrid/electric car world. An example that immediately comes to mind are the three new hypercars from Porsche, Mclaren and Ferrari; all of which utilise hybrid technology to deliver insane levels of performance, but also are kinder to the environment in terms of both fuel use and emissions.

In celebration of this new-age of hybrid motoring, I have compiled a list of the 5 most exciting hybrid cars either currently available, or soon to be available on the global market. Obviously this is going to be influenced by personal taste, so feel free to disagree and comment!

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