This innovative engine will make vehicles lighter and more efficient

Duke Engines has come up with a new take on the traditional internal combustion engine that could have far reaching effects for the auto industry. Although most automakers are beginning to shift their weight towards hybrid and electric vehicles, there is still going to be a market for traditional gas-fueled vehicles for a long time.

As we’ve pointed out before, the electric car industry isn’t taking off as quickly as some might have hoped, which means that making traditional engines operate in more environmentally-friendly ways is a good stop-gap measure until we realize the next phase of the auto industry.

Which is why the introduction of a far lighter and more efficient engine is exciting.

The new design from Duke is a true axial engine, that utilizes five cylinders, three spark plugs, and three fuel injectors, but can provide the equivalent power of a 6 cylinder engine.

Duke Engine rotating

Its unique circular design means it requires fewer parts, and as a result weighs 30% less than a traditional ICE. Ultimately, the vehicles the Duke engine will power will be lighter, require less energy to move, and be able to travel more efficiently.

Cars built with the Duke engine will consume less fuel, and overall produce less emissions.

Check out the full video explaining the Duke concept engine below:

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