Volvo V60 Polestar PHEV Gets A Performance Upgrade

2015 Volvo V60

According to numerous EU news reports, Volvo’s diesel D6 PHEV is set to experience a performance upgrade in the form of new engine software mapping that will increase the power of the hybrid system by 15 HP and 22 lb/ft pounds, thereby creating a total production value of 298 HP and 678 lb/ft torque. The baseline ICE increase will mate nicely with the car’s 68 HP electric motor, in order to produce a final average 0-60 time of around 6.0 seconds.

The goal of the new system is oriented to better passing, and better highway speed management. “Polestar optimization for the V60 D6 combines a strong fuel economy with performance,” said Polestar’s Marketing Director Hans Baath.

“We are happy to be able to offer the Volvo customers with more driving pleasure in combination with the latest hybrid technology, a very interesting area for the future.”

Unfortunately the car and its upgrades will only be available in Europe, since initial upgrades will only occur in the Netherlands, Sweden and the U.K. Nevertheless, the new technology offers a glimpse of what Volvo upgrades may be in the offing in the United States down the road.

The system upgrade is designed to be entirely compliant with current dealer warranties, while at the same time avoiding any reduction in fuel mileage, or increase in emissions. Once the new programming is complete, the car will be quite peppy, particularly when Volvo’s R-Design sport package is also applied.

Polestar is Volvo’s performance arm, and the new re-programming process will be executed by brand representatives, at a range of local and regional Volvo dealers in the effective countries. Polestar Performance offers a range of performance oriented components and accessories specific to the Volvo brand, ranging from technical enhancements to appearance packages.

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