Mercedes-Benz Unveils the Future Truck 2025: A Self-Driving Truck That Can Save Thousands of Lives Every Year

Mercedes-Benz has taken another giant step towards autonomous driving, as they recently officially unveiled the Future Truck 2025, an invention that Mercedes is hoping will revolutionize the haulage business, in their favor.

Though the project was announced in July, Mercedes has just recently given us even more of an insight in to what the Future Truck could do, and its features.

It seems that Mercedes is spearheading the promotion of the Future Truck 2025 with the angle of safety. They claim that the Future Truck 2025 will save thousands of life each year because as Dr. Wolfgang Bernhard, a board member for Daimler, explains, “Once the highway pilot takes over, it never get’s tired, it’s always 100 sharp, it’s never angry, it’s never distracted,” taking away many of the flaws of a human pilot.

While many may see this as a great improvement and another step in the right direction towards completely hands-free driving, others are likely to see this leading to widespread job cuts across the haulage industry. But as Mercedes and Daimler are keen to stress in the promotional video that was launched, the driver is still very much essential to the operation.

The driver still has to drive to and  merge on to the highway and reach a set speed in which the highway pilot will take over. The driver’s seat then rotates 45 degrees, leaving the driver able to focus their attention on other factors of their journey in a more comfortable position.  The cockpit features a chic decor with a spacious design. If the exterior isn’t quite futuristic enough for you then you can be assured that inside the Future Truck 2025, that the modern days average trucker’s cockpit interior design is not at all apparent.

Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025 Cockpit

Some of the most notable features on the Future Truck 2025 are actually the lack of some industry standard features. Headlights have been scrapped, and instead are LEDs which look fantastic. They possess an ambient and gracious quality while at the same time are a great indicator of who is controlling the vehicle at any point, as the colors change from a white to a blue once the highway pilot becomes the primary driver of the vehicle.

Another drastic change in the current design of the Future Truck 2025 are the cameras that now replace the wing-mirrors.

Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025 Cameras instead of mirrors

Another smart idea that definitely has its benefits, not to mention inner-city driving, but the cameras give a clearer and much broader picture of what’s on the road for the driver to see.

The Future Truck may be over a decade away according to Mercedes, but the goal makes clear their desire to lead the race in revolutionizing the future haulage business. It’s a given that the current prototype will probably be a completely different vehicle by the time that Daimler and laws are ready for the production of these kinds of vehicles, but it will be interesting to see whether proposed changes and introductions will stick or whether more improvements will be in place by the time that these kinds of vehicles hit the roads.

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