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The First Peek of the Tesla Model X in Action

The First Peek of the Tesla Model X in Action

After numerous delays, the Tesla Model X, first shown to the public exactly 3 years ago has been spotted running tests on an old naval yard. Captured on an iPhone 5, the Model X can be seen testing acceleration, braking and cornering.

Shot in Alameda, CA the video is only a minute and a half in length. What the albeit brief video does show though, is that Tesla Motors is still running tests and making alterations. Nothing has been released that reveals why the Model X has been such a pain for Tesla, other than the usual “further tests and calculations” dribble that all manufacturers use to keep the eager public quiet for a few more months.

The suspected Model X is in and out fairly quickly, presumably to avoid the likely media interest, especially in a car that both the press and fans have had to wait for. The usual prototype camouflage is donned too, in order to hide any undisclosed bodywork that could still be altered before the final release date.

The Model X was originally set to be the company’s follow-up to the great success of the Model S, but has been hampered by various setbacks. The newest predicted release date by Tesla is the 3rd quarter of this year. Many are skeptical though, as it seems the Model X is proving to be a little more of a handful than Musk and his mighty men had first predicted.

Once released, the Model X will debut a few futuristic features such as the “Falcon doors”: the roof-hinged doors that can only be likened to those of the DeLorean DMC-12, used in the Back to the Future films. They rise vertically from the spine down the roof, giving the falcon wing shape that seemingly the name comes from. In addition to this, the Model X will also have a factory installed tow hitch as standard, rather than the aftermarket versions offered to other Tesla models.

Whether Tesla can launch the Model X within the given timeline is yet to be seen. Musk will have been pulling his hair out night and day with this one. Tesla knows that one of the costs of excellence is time, and so the wait is vital. It’s much better to keep the public and press waiting for your newest vehicle, than it is to release a car that doesn’t meet their own very high standards.


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