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Tesla’s First Solar-Powered Supercharger-Store-Service Center Is Almost Ready

Tesla’s First Solar-Powered Supercharger-Store-Service Center Is Almost Ready

Tesla Motors showed the world that nothing is impossible when they produced the first ever fully electric sports car, the Tesla Roadster. But that wasn’t the end of the road for Tesla. In fact, that was just the beginning.

The goal was to set up fast-charging stations for its electric cars, which have been popping up across the United States, in Europe and in Australia. Dubbed as the world’s fastest charging stations, Superchargers were deliberately scattered across the country (and overseas) to make long distance travel more convenient for Model S owners.

The best thing about these charging stations: they’re free of charge.

To date there are already 388 Supercharger stations across the US equipped with over 2,000 superchargers. With the car’s built-in monitor and a smartphone, it’s easy to access locations of these Supercharger stations, and the status of the car’s charging cycle while on the go.

With this number of stations (not to mention it’s constantly growing), every Model S car owner will have peace of mind during long travels, secure that anywhere they are nearly running out of energy there will be an available free charging site where they can have a cup of coffee (or tea) while waiting for their cars to be in full capacity to travel long distances again.

Despite the efforts and this accomplishment in making travel less expensive as opposed to driving fuel-powered cars, one question remained: Is there a way around charging using the usual source of power? Until early this year, Tesla was yet to find a solution for this.

Tesla’s first showroom-service center-and-charging stations-in-one is now underway near Sacramento, California, and offers the first site to get its power from a considerably big number of photovoltaic solar panels. Tesla is said to have partnered with a local automotive maintenance company in building the new solar-powered site.

The use of solar energy means a great deal of contribution in reducing harmful gas emissions, not to mention it is totally renewable. We’re talking an unlimited supply of energy, since none is wasted – something mother Earth would be grateful for. Tesla promoting “improving our environment for generations to come” is by far the best we’ve heard from automotive companies.


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