Could Apple Have An Electric Car By 2020?

apple electric car concept

The early years of electric vehicles were not very promising, and according to businessmen and entrepreneurs at the time, it wouldn’t be much of a success for different reasons. The market for electric cars didn’t automatically boom when it was introduced, but several companies have tried making their way through to success, to no avail.

That was until Tesla Motors introduced its first electric vehicle, and the electric car market was given a much-needed boost. Tesla has since paved the way for aspiring electric car companies to aim higher.

Apple is one of – if not the biggest – names in the electronics industry. As a massive tech company, Apple has introduced us to a whole new range of personal computing devices and smartphones. More recently, however, instead of greeting us with innovations in tech design and development, Apple has chosen a different path – one with wheels.

Yes, the brand behind the success of the iPhone has been the subject of rumors in the automotive industry, after sensor-laden minivans registered to the California-based company have been spotted cruising throughout the state.

apple van

Who would have ever thought Apple would be serving us alongside Tesla, BMW, and other names in the auto industry? And if they do, will they succeed?

Sources say Apple will have its electric car on the streets in the next five years. It is also rumored to take on the pioneers of electric car manufacturing – an example of which is the recently successful Tesla motors. And similar to its main competitor in the smartphones business, Google, Apple too is said to be aiming to develop a self-driving vehicle with its growing team of experts in robotics and engineering.

It can be remembered that in the past year, Tesla’s Elon Musk confirmed his meetings with Apple in the latter’s effort for acquisition, which Musk declined with a statement saying Tesla isn’t for sale. Apple has also been rumored to have acquired a few of Tesla’s employees.

In addition to Musk’s claims, Apple has made no secret about their ambitions to have their iOS software embedded in vehicles. Dubbed ‘CarPlay’, the software “takes the things you want to do with your iPhone while driving and puts them right on your car’s built-in display.”


In early February, we also learned of the A123 Systems, an American company in Massachusetts, filing a lawsuit against Apple for allegedly luring a number of engineers in an effort to start the company’s massive engineering project.

Bloomberg reports that the “car team” is 200 strong and is looking to make their introduction into the automobile world in no more than 5 years. A strenuous task at best, but with such financial leverage and powerful branding, Apple will definitely be shown respect.

With its success in the electronics world, Apple is looking conquering the world of automotives should the rumors prove to be factual with similar dominance. An autonomous car, one we normally see in movies set in the future, will no longer be just seen in movies. Technology has taken man farther than he can imagine thanks to electronics giants who constantly think outside the box in an effort to make the everyday man’s life more convenient.


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