Electric Vehicles Still Struggling to Win Mass Appeal, New Study Shows

2016 chevrolet volt

Despite the fact that the vast majority of the general public agrees that electric vehicles are good for the environment, not a lot of people seem to be too keen on driving them, a new study shows. According to a recent study by Continental, the German automotive manufacturing company, most drivers in the United States acknowledge the fact that EVs are eco-friendly, but they are not very enthusiastic about buying one.

The 2015 Continental Mobility Study reveals that perception issues still present a major obstacle for a more widespread adoption of electric vehicles, with U.S. drivers thinking that they are not able to provide a pleasurable driving experience. Continental conducted a survey of 2,300 drivers in the United States and 1,800 in Germany, along with a qualitative survey of 400 car owners in France, Japan and China, and found that the image problems electric vehicles are facing are the main reasons why drivers, especially the younger ones, refuse to embrace them as a good alternative to conventional vehicles.



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