Home News New Study Reveals Public Uncertainty about Driverless Cars

New Study Reveals Public Uncertainty about Driverless Cars

New Study Reveals Public Uncertainty about Driverless Cars

A new study by Vox.com offers some insight into how the general public perceives driverless cars.

Not surprisingly, the results of the survey show that, in general, millenials are the most open to using self-driving cars and driverless ride-sharing services, while people over 65 are most worried about the new technology.

vox self-driving car results
via Vox.com

The results of this study show that there is still a long way to go to demonstrate to the general public that driverless cars are safe, and ready for the roads. From Vox:

Among those under 30, 47 percent predict that self-driving cars will save lives, while 40 percent are skeptical. Among those over 65, only 24 percent say self-driving cars will be life-saving, compared with 49 percent who disagree.

Those under 30 are about equally split on whether self-driving cars will reduce traffic problems, while those under 65 believe overwhelmingly — 58 percent to 14 percent — that they will make traffic problems worse.

Overall, 48 percent of those under 30 think self-driving cars will improve the driving experience, compared to just 21 percent of those over 65 who think that.

And when asked, if driverless cars were proven to be safer than humans, would you support a ban on human drivers? only 30% of the agreed, with 54% opposed.

The full results of the survey can be viewed on Vox.com.


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