Cybersecurity and Hacking Concerns for Today’s Cars and Tomorrow’s Driverless Vehicles

Cyber thieves have made international headlines of late with the theft of millions of people’s financial data through credit and debit cards. And those same hackers have gotten into personal computers too, either through direct access or viruses spread through email. But have you thought about another potential risk for your personal safety and data—your car?

That’s right: As vehicles provide functionality to drivers by connecting to the internet, they also create risks for people and opportunities for hackers. And as more and more car companies add self-driving technologies to cars—from parking assistance to fully functioning self-driving cars—there are more points of entry for cyber thieves than ever before.

Beyond individual cars, hackers can also work to access any smart road infrastructure, causing outages in everything from stoplights to other automated assistance such as signage.

What are the risks and what can you do to protect yourself in your tech-forward vehicle? This graphic offers some insights.

autonomous car cybersecurity and hacking infographic

via Vound Software


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