Home Blog The Growth Of The Autonomous Car Market [Infographic]

The Growth Of The Autonomous Car Market [Infographic]

The Growth Of The Autonomous Car Market [Infographic]

According to research done by BCG, driverless cars will ease gridlock and give motorists stuck in traffic the ability to multitask safely. These vehicles will run on their own using GPS navigation and advanced radar sensors, resulting in heavy demand in the coming years.

To put it in perspective, the global sales of autonomous vehicles are expected to reach nearly 600,000 units per year by 2025. 

Get off Road studied a number of sources to gather some of the more unique details about the autonomous vehicle market and collected it in an infographic. It narrates the history of self-driving cars (describing when the idea actually came into existence and how the successful tests were carried out), and addresses some of the challenges undergone by engineers while developing driverless cars, and which leading brands are planning to launch their first autonomous product and when.

And don’t miss the detailed chart of future growth and projected sales of autonomous cars.

Check out the full infographic below:

The growth of autonomous vehicles


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