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Cars of the Future: Promising Alternative Energy Sources

Cars of the Future: Promising Alternative Energy Sources

There are many problems that the automotive industry causes for the environment. Gasoline and diesel release carbon dioxide emissions, cause harmful petroleum leaks and even implement disruptive mining practices.

Today, many eco-conscious drivers and scientists are looking for ways to power their cars with cleaner and alternative sources of energy. 

Some of the most popular alternative energy sources include biodiesel and electricity. However, it’s the more uncommon ones that hold the most promise.

A rise in popularity of electric powered vehicles makes electric and battery-powered cars a front-runner, however there are many power sources still out there to research and test out in the future. From the energy sources that are well-known like electricity and solar, to some that you’ve never even heard of, like tequila and coffee grounds, we put together a list of promising and interesting potential power sources being implemented or researched to power our future on the road.

Check out our Green Scale to see which sources are the most promising. If you’re thinking of purchasing an alternatively powered car to reduce your carbon footprint while you’re off on your next adventure or road trip, this will allow you to find out what is out there and what will arise in the future in terms of green and alternative car energy. 

Alternative Energy Sources for Cars 2

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