The Environmental Benefits of Driverless Cars

Driverless cars offer many societal and environmental benefits that make a driverless future exciting for environmentalists.

Peugeot 888 Solar Electric Concept Car

As part of this year's Peugeot design contest, Oskar Johansen from Norway has designed this new solar electric concept car, with a twist. First off, each...

Extreme Motorsports Creates Electric Sand Car

Extreme Motorsports announced yesterday that it has finished engineering, and is ready to manufacture, the world's first electric sand car. Sand Racing is an incredibly...

Elon Musk Opens Tesla Gigafactory in Germany

Elon Musk opened Tesla's first manufacturing facility in Europe on March 22, as he seeks to take pressure off of other factories across America and China and meet the growing demand for EVs across Europe.

Electric Vehicles: How They Work + Their Benefits [Infographic]

There are four main types of electric cars: battery electric vehicle (BEV), plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), and hydrogen electric vehicles (fuel cell).  We dig into what each of these types mean below.

Can Hydrogen Cars Still Power the Future of Sustainable Transportation?

Hydrogen cars promised to revolutionize the future of sustainable transportation. So, why don't we have more hydrogen-powered vehicles on the road? What happened to the grand dream of cheap, Eco-friendly H-powered vehicles? Could hydrogen cars still upend the transportation industry?

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